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Unleash an army of opportunity spotters and problem solvers with


 for the rest of us 

Innovate or Get Left Behind

Are you ready to unleash innovation for the rest of us?

Get MONTHLY examples, practical ideas, and strategies to INNOVATE your sales, leadership, service, and organization.

You know you need to innovate to stay competitive but “innovation” can be a dirty word full of delays, failed projects, budget overruns and frustration.

In the meantime, your customers are waiting and wondering if they should go somewhere else. Your salespeople are embarrassed at pitching the same old stories. And your employees are looking for jobs at more ‘exciting’ companies that listen to them.

But what if everyone in your organization was innovating every single day? What if they were constantly adding value to your business and customers?  

You already have the resources and creativity you need to push your organization forward. All you need to do now is unleash it!

Are you desperate for any innovation? How can you spot the right innovations that give the best results for the least amount of money and effort?
Is it possible to get everyone in the organization effectively innovating? Do you want them to?
What innovations can salespeople and leaders do RIGHT NOW that would deliver tangible results?
Does innovation have to be big, overwhelming and, risky? How can we innovate without the trauma?

Innovators Unleashed

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How can Julie help you?


is an inventor, entrepreneur and corporate survivor with 25+ years of experience helping organizations find, evaluate, develop,  and deliver profitable ideas.


A dynamo on the stage, Julie delivers interactive, energetic keynotes at conferences and company events around the world.


One of the most influential talks I've seen.

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