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Excellent session! Many sessions give you the concepts, but don't tell you clearly how to address them. Finally, a session with practical advice that is EASY to implement into everyday life and work life!

Crystl Nagendra - Ernst & Young (EY)

Looking for a seminar, lunch & learn or custom program? Keep reading!

Julie is often asked to return to her clients and share messages, skills and strategies with specific departments or groups. She loves to work with clients on a repeat basis and is happy to oblige!


Custom programs also come in handy for conferences and events where Julie is a keynote speaker and there is interest in her providing a workshop or program that compliments that content.


Scroll down to see some of the most the common programs that Julie has been asked to deliver. 


With a focus on capturing, understanding and innovating your prospect journey, this program is hands-on and eye-opening.


Where are your prospects feeling low (and unloved)? How can you anticipate it and bolster them? (Hint: KISS!)


When customers are on that high and experiencing your fabulous value, there is action to take! We walk through the asks and opportunities.


  • Increased prospect and customer touchpoints

  • Increased up-sells and cross-sales

  • Improved customer satisfaction

Prospect Journeys: The Road to Sales Leads to Success

Asking powerful questions is the gateway to building better relationships, identifying opportunities and understand the value you can provide.


This engaging seminar focuses on when, how and what questions you should be asking to drive prospects and projects forward in a way that demonstrates your value.


P.S. Prospects and customers LOVE to talk when you ask them the right questions!


  • Increased close rates for more value

  • Expedited sales cycles

  • Improved customer satisfaction

The Million Dollar Question: The Power of Questions to Build Relationships, Progress Sales and Make Buyers Feel Loved

Focused on actionable beliefs and behaviors, this seminar demonstrates how to present yourself with poise and confidence in high-stress and high-stakes environments. A few personal Little Big Bangs can make all the difference!


This is especially popular with premium brands and service companies where quality is as much about the people as it is the products.


From handling tough questions to giving that little bit extra that makes all the difference, delegates will walk away ready to represent themselves, their products & services and their companies with panache.  This session can also be tailored for women’s groups.


  • Positive attendee feedback

  • Reduced employee churn

  • Improved sales results

Confident Selling & Service

Everyone is in sales. That's the reality today as everyone in an organization supports prospects and customers, delivers content that is consumed by prospects and customers and makes recommendations. 


This is GREAT news for businesses but can be uncomfortable for people who don't consider themselves to be "sales." This is particularly true for professional service groups who are billable (accountants, consultants, lawyers) and feel torn between delivering great value and selling more billable hours.


A session that outlines easy and easy-going sales strategies is just what they need!


  • More sales

  • Reduced employee churn

The Fish Out of Water: Sales Skills for People Who Say They Aren't in Sales