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Innovation Keynotes

with Impact


Competition is increasing and scrappy startups have become an enticing opportunity for your customers and prospects. To stay alive and take the lead, businesses must innovate (and they know it!).

  • 84% of executives considered their future success to be very or extremely dependent on innovation (Accenture).

  • More innovative organizations experience increased revenue (+11%) and higher EBIDTA (+22%) (Strategy&).


But innovation can be a scary word for most organizations when leaders cite obstacles like (BCG):

  • Selecting the right ideas (32%)

  • Not enough great ideas (22%)

  • Too long development times (42%)

  • Risk-averse culture (31%)


By leveraging the most valuable resources that an organization already has - their people - Julie helps you to light the fire for innovation.


Innovation for the Rest of Us empowers leaders, teams, and individuals to think creatively and commercially in order to deliver continuous value and differentiation for their organizations. 


Julie is an award-winning speaker, inventor, corporate innovator, and serial entrepreneur.


Her mission is to remove the stigma and fear from innovation and help companies empower their people to be profitable problem solvers and opportunity spotters.

Julie's keynotes and programs inspire, motivate, inform and ignite audiences to think differently and embrace pragmatic innovation every single day.

Oh...and they're really fun, too!

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The Mindset & Motivation to Spot Opportunities, Take Initiative & Embrace Change

“It’s not my problem.” “It’s not my job.” “I wouldn’t know where to start.” “I can’t.” “I won’t.” “I quit.”


Imagine inventors saying these kinds of phrases. What if those inventors STOPPED thinking, creating and solving? Terrifying, right?! But this is exactly what’s happening in YOUR teams, organization and maybe even in your own mind every single day.


  • Personal initiative will soar when you learn the secret to spotting any problem or opportunity waiting to be solved

  • Increase that sense of ownership by understanding how invention is fun, easy and (almost always) free

  • Inspire an unlimited supply of ideas and opportunities when you see the world through inventors’ eyes

  • An audience that is eager to learn for the rest of the day and the rest of their lives


The Six Strategies Companies Use to Get Ahead and Stay that Way

Your competition is moving FAST. And you have new competitors entering the market all the time. In fact, your customers have more choices every single day. So what are you doing to keep up, stand out and get ahead?


  • Increase revenue when you deliver new, profitable offerings to customers consistently by leveraging key innovation generation tools

  • Reduce cost by applying a critical innovation strategy to your processes – and empowering your people to find and fill the gaps

  • Grow your customer lifetime value and increase customer retention when you deliver innovative solutions to the fringes of their experience

  • Save time for yourself and everyone else in the organization by creating an innovation plan that effectively capitalizes on the six D.E.T.A.I.L. strategies



Increase Impact, Improve Results with Personal Innovation Skills

Little Big Bangs 

   for Leaders   

How Great Leaders Can Innovate with (Almost) No Effort

Have you lost an employee that was really valuable to your business (and to you)? What if you could have prevented that by thinking outside the box? What if you could become the leader that everyone wants to work for because you think differently, connect better and inspire them?


  • Cultivate the 10 attributes of an innovative leader in yourself and your team

  • Solve real-world leadership challenges with strategies for generating new, innovation ideas

  • Be a more effective and inspiring leader when you capture the inexpensive, fast ideas that impact engagement, skill development, influence, and productivity

Little Big Bangs

   for Sales   

How Great Sales Pros Can Use Innovation to Sell More and Sell Smarter

From prospecting to qualifying, contracting to closing – all eyes are on you to deliver the revenue. But how much money are you leaving on the table by doing the same things you’ve always done? It’s time to get creative and apply the principles of innovation to sales.


  • Understand your prospects' and customers' journey, how that impacts your sale and where you should be innovating for the most impact

  • Learn the precise moments to connect with clients and what you could be adding for more sales

  • Connect with prospects, increase conversions and sell more when you break down the innovation opportunities

Little Big Bangs

   for Service   

Increase Customer Retention, Lower Support Costs, Innovate Your Service

How many of your customers are considering switching to your competition right now?

You know it’s expensive to replace a lost customer and that it damages your team’s moral every time it happens. Empower your people to become creative service superstars.


  • Find painful gaps and powerful opportunities in your service when you master the Customer Emotion Map™

  • Add revenue when you spot up-sell and up-serve opportunities

  • Evaluate and implement your next great customer service ideas when you use the bootstrap approach to innovation



Find, Evaluate and Develop Ideas with Impact When You Unleash Your Commercial Creativity

Don’t let anyone fool you! There are plenty of BAD ideas.

In fact, it’s these bad ideas that cause management to stifle bottom-up innovation and decide that it’s more hassle than it’s worth to involve their teams in problem solving. In some cases, those same managers might even believe that creative problem solving is a mystic art that requires decades of study and a pilgrimage to Google. It's time to bring great idea generation to the rest of us!


  • Find, evaluate and develop great ideas when you follow the B.R.I.G.H.T. steps for ideation

  • Pursue the best ideas when you leverage your own “Crazy Ideas Double Checklist”

  • Embrace the bootstrap mentality for quick and easy testing of your next big idea


Immediate Impact and Enthusiasm in a ONE DAY INNOVATION EVENT

What are you going to be doing at your next team event? Ready to INNOVATE for MORE SUCCESS?


The quarterly and annual sales meetings are golden opportunities to bring your teams together, ensure they have the latest and greatest information, build some skills and then give them a motivating push to get back out there and sell more. The same can be said for your customer service, marketing, and leadership events.


However, in reality, what often happens is that day to day activities get in the way of planning and there ends up being a last-minute scramble to pull together an agenda that you hope gets the job done without sales begrudging the time away from their prospects.


But there's an alternative! JULIE.


  • Create an impact on the day (and every day after) with a set of idea generating tools and strategies

  • Innovative ideas are generated, evaluated and implementation is planned on the day of the event

  • Empowered teams are reconnected to each other, to the company mission and their customers through a day of creativity, innovation, and commercial results