We’re All In This Together: 5 Reasons Why Internal Marketing is Essential for Mores Sales and Better Customer Experience

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We’re All In This Together: 5 Reasons Why Internal Marketing is Essential for Mores Sales and Better Customer Experience

Marketing budgets continue to climb and currently represent an average of 12% of a company’s annual revenue. For many companies, this budget is spent on websites, collateral, social media, agency fees and the like but what it doesn’t often include is internal marketing.


Internal marketing, when done properly, can be the most crucial element in generating customer upsell, customer experience and can even strongly impact employee satisfaction.


At its most basic, internal marketing is about ensuring that everyone in an organization knows and understands the value a company provides to its customers. By aligning, motivating and empowering employees to deliver a positive customer experience, everyone helps the business to achieve success.


As a sales and marketing advisor, I like to take this definition one step further to include employees understanding the VALUE their company, products,


and staff deliver to customers. This is supported by marketing taking intentional steps to communicate this to employees at all levels on a regular basis.


To help make the case for this type of internal marketing, here are five reasons why internal marketing is necessary to increase sales and improve customer experience.

  1. People don’t know what they don’t know.
    Marketing can be quick to assume that employees know and use the right messaging – after all, marketing spends all day writing it, posting it and webinar-ing it. But most employees are just doing their jobs – not reading the website. These employees don’t even know there’s a gap in their knowledge and so it falls to marketing to push information and messaging to their colleagues.

  2. Consistency is king.
    All good marketers know that consistency (rather than chocolate) is the way to the customer’s heart. So, if your employees are not on the same message, there is a disconnect when they interact with customers and prospects. Internal marketing is the key to message consistency.

  3. Shine a spotlight.
    Marketing gets to hear about sales success and all the amazing customer stories. Unfortunately, other employees in the company don’t necessarily get all that relevant and valuable feedback. Why did we win that deal? What was the customer raving about? Don’t just share these messages with prospects, share them with employees, too!

  4. Internal marketing can help external marketing.
    By sharing value messaging internally, you create dialog across the organization about what’s important to customers and prospects. You might find that the years of experience your employees have could lead them to contribute examples, contacts, opportunities and more. All of this can be taken back to your external marketing programs for an even richer result.

  5. The whole company should be selling.
    The Whole Company Selling™ program is founded on the idea that in every prospect and customer interaction, we should be selling. Customers are looking for value and we should be intentional about sharing how we can deliver it. Internal marketing ensures that everyone has the tools to do this effectively.

If you want more sales and to constantly improve your customer experience, make sure that you are giving everyone in the company the tools to make it happen. You’re all in this together!




Julie Holmes is a sales & marketing advisor, speaker and Whole Company Selling leader. She works with B2B companies that want to sell more and increase their customer lifetime value by helping everyone in their organization understand and share their value with prospects and customers.


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