4 Sales Lessons from a Guy on Fiverr

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4 Sales Lessons from a Guy on Fiverr

I love taking note of great sales and marketing in action - particularly from unlikely sources.

Today, I was impressed to see this message from someone Fiverr that I had purchased from. There are some great sales and marketing lessons here for all of us!


(And before you ask, I don't mind the few grammatical errors in his message. Yes, it would be better if they weren't there but that doesn't stop me from seeing great sales in action.)




LESSON #1 - Don't be afraid to spell out what a great job you've done.


In this message, he points out that he has delivered the order 15 hours early. If you've done exceptional service for a client, tell them. Reiterate what was expected and what you delivered. Our customers are busy and if you rely solely on them to notice what you deliver, they are likely to only see the problems. This might also be a way to challenge yourself to always deliver MORE than the client asked for.

LESSON #2 - Ask for the business.


I like hearing that the seller say, "I hope we will have an opportunity to do more business together." With that simple phrase, I am filing this person away as an ongoing resource. Are you being clear with your customers that you LIKE doing business with them and hope to do MORE in the future?

LESSON #3 - Tell the customer what you need/value.


This guy could have just sent me the order and moved on. Instead, he clearly articulated that he really wanted the 5-star rating and a positive comment. I didn't have to guess and your customers shouldn't have to either. You can be priming your prospects during the buying journey that you'll be coming back to check on them and get a great reference. That way, there won't be any surprises when you do exactly that.

LESSON #4 - Be human.


I loved that this guy says that he isn't 100% all the time. Right away, I get it. He tells me that he will fix it. How are you setting expectations with your prospects? Do they know that you are committed to satisfaction? And are you presenting yourself a person that they will like and trust during that process? It doesn't take much to appear a bit more human in a business transaction so make sure you are showing your softer side on occasion too.

I love finding great sales and marketing lessons every day. What's yours? Tweet them to @thejulieholmes or comment below.



Julie Holmes is a sales & marketing advisor, speaker and Whole Company Selling leader. She works with B2B companies that want to sell more and increase their customer lifetime value by helping everyone in their organization understand and share their value with prospects and customers. Give her a call if you’d like to have everyone in your company was selling. www.julieholmes.com


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