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The Customer Journey and Sales: #DailySalesTip from IKEA

I’ll admit it. I have a little love affair with Ikea. I have more Kallax shelves than is probably normal or healthy but I have a ton of books that need to live somewhere!


Today’s #DailySalesTip comes from my recent addition of just one more Kallax shelving unit.


I am a woman of a certain age. That is to say that I am grown up, value my time immensely and make a good enough living that I can choose time over money when it suits me. Yesterday, this resulted in me placing an online order with Ikea for delivery to my house. Sure, I could’ve gone to Ikea and waded through the aisles, following the big floor arrows that would guarantee that I wouldn’t miss a single department but I reasoned that I would spend more money and waste more time. So, an online order was the solution.


There wasn’t anything unusual about the order process. What made my sales-heart go pitter-patter was when I received an email from Ikea this morning asking if I was interested in having my new purchase assembled.


This email demonstrates TWO great tips for revenue generators.


Tip #1: Look at your whole customer journey to find happiness leaks and fix them.


I don’t know anybody that likes assembling flat pack furniture. Not only is it time consuming, I suspect that it leads to almost as many divorces as moving heavy furniture up a narrow staircase together. So, credit to Ikea for recognizing that they had a happiness leak AFTER they sell their products. While this leak doesn’t affect past sales, it could easily impact future purchases.


#SALESCHECK : So, what does your customer journey look like before, during and after a transaction look like? Are there any happiness leaks you need to consider?


Tip #2: You don’t have to the fix the happiness leaks!


Wait. What?! Yep, you read that right. Ikea isn’t personally fixing my assembly angst. They are PARTNERING to solve that problem.


In my email, they ask if I want help to have my furniture assembled and when I click YES (because I hate assembling furniture), it takes me to TaskRabbit. This is a perfect example of partnering in the customer experience. Ikea isn’t in the business of assembly and TaskRabbit isn’t in the business of manufacturing furniture with 5,000 parts and hieroglyphic instructions.


#SALESCHECK : Who are the partners that could support your customer journey and help you fix the happiness leaks?


Will I buy more from Ikea? Of course. Will this service potentially lead me to purchase more from them in the future? You bet your tiny little Allen wrench it will!


#DailySalesTip is a series for sales and marketing professionals that want to learn best practices and get new ideas. If you want to think, grow and increase your revenue generation, subscribe now.

Julie Holmes is a sales & marketing advisor, speaker and Whole Company Selling leader. She works with B2B companies that want to sell more and increase their customer lifetime value by helping everyone in their organization understand and share their value with prospects and customers. Give her a call if you’d like to have everyone in your company was selling.


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