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Kissing Customers for Love and Money: Using Little Big Bangs to Transform Your Customers' Experience (PART 2)

You’ve recently discovered that your prospects and customers are FRUSTRATED with you – at least you would have found that if you read part 1 of the Kissing Customers for Love and Money article.


I get it, you’ve automatically gone into defensive mode: “No! My customers love me! They told me so!” Settle down, it’s actually a GOOD thing to find those moments of frustrations and embrace them – that’s how we fix it!


Having created and captured your customer journey (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click HERE), it’s time to pucker up and give them a bunch of In order to help my clients and audiences find those perfect little injections for their journeys I use this acronym. Keep reading for examples and inspiration that you can use RIGHT NOW.



KKEEP an eye on them and their perspective.

If you aren’t watching for dips in your customers’ journey, I promise that your competition is! The first step in improving the journey is to be aware of it. The trick here is that you have to look at things from THEIR experience and perspective, not yours. This is especially true when we shrug our shoulders and say, “it’s not in our control.”


For example, you make plans to go to an amazing restaurant but as you go from the car to the front door you get drenched with rain. Of course, the restaurant doesn’t have control over the weather (although that would be very cool if they did) but that doesn’t change the fact that you are drenched and miserable when you walk in the door. So, what if someone was to meet you at your car with an umbrella? Or perhaps they offered valet? Or they could add a canopy entrance. Or, or, or.


The first, and most important, thing you should do is to be OBSERVANT and AWARE of their perspective. I like to call the dips the UGH! moments.


LITTLE BIG BANG CHALLENGE: What are three dips they are experiencing right now?


I – Make sure they know they’re IMPORTANT.
We all want to feel loved and valued as customers and, just like in a good relationship, it doesn’t really take all that much. A kind word, a generous gesture, an unsolicited high five.


If you’re looking for a little K.I.S.S. to add, ask yourself, “what could I say or do that would make my customer know that they are personally important and valuable?”


If you’re drawing a blank, here are a couple of easy ideas to get you started: Write an unsolicited recommendation. Personalize their experience in some way. Send them an industry article or other useful reference that will help them do their job better. These will only take you a minute, but the impact will last much, much longer.


LITTLE BIG BANG CHALLENGE: Where is one place you could personalize their experience?


S – Reinforce that you’re a SAFE pair of hands.

I was having a great conversation with a fellow entrepreneur yesterday and I shared my FUD philosophy:


The biggest reason that client sales and relationships go wrong is due to FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt.


This could be doubts about your ability to deliver what you promise, uncertainty that what you are delivering is worth the price they are paying or even fear that they won’t get the results they so desperately want and need. Where there is FUD, there is risk that a prospect or customer will look to feel safe somewhere else (e.g. your competitor).


To help overcome those FUD moments here is a quick and easy tip: stay in touch PROACTIVELY. I know this sounds obvious, but I bet you aren’t doing this to the best of your ability now in all areas. Anytime a client has to ask you for an update, you’ve failed at this.


Clients don’t hate when things go wrong, they hate not knowing that things have gone wrong! And…it’s ok to send them a message to let them know that everything is on track too. If it makes them give that sigh of relief, you’re onto a winner!


LITTLE BIG BANG CHALLENGE: Add at least one "status update" step in your sales or on-boarding process.


SSERVE them continuous value.

If you’re looking for a way to stay in touch and become a valued resource for your prospect and customer, just ask yourself what would be useful them. Suggestions? Tips? Tricks? Recommendations? Introductions? Notification of upcoming events? The sky is the limit and if you think creatively, you’ll never run out of ideas. Just make sure that you’re thinking about what’s valuable to THEM and NOT YOU.


For example, sending them a list of new features they could get if they bought your upgraded product isn’t really helpful for them. Whereas sending them a “did you know that you could do this cool, awesome thing with the product you already have?” note would be totally welcomed!


LITTLE BIG BANG CHALLENGE: Create a shared list on your team of "value adds" for prospects and clients that you can send out like articles, how-to guides, etc.


Here are some more ideas and examples of



So, break out that Chapstick and pucker up! Your prospects and customers deserve a little love and affection. And then, let me know if they kissed you back. ;)


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